The total number of results in google using a broad based search

The total number of results in google using an exact match search (keyword in quotes)

The total number of results in google using an exact match search with intitle:

The total number of results from various keyword services and software that
charge you monthly and don't provide the traffic results from google

The total number of results from various keyword services and software that provide an
inaccurate number of sites that you will have to beat to get high on google

Using KEI as a comparison method  (
very outdated)
I have used many of those methods and found keywords that I can rank high for, but have a low daily search number.

This is not what I want. I want to rank high for keywords that have a high daily search amount on google.  Don't you?  This is where the action is. 

None of those ways above get you close to your true competition.

There is now a better way!
Precision Keyword Finder is cutting edge software.  I have bought many products online trying to find a better way or a "secret".  That word always sucks me in.  Well, I'm tired of getting sucked in and not seeing the results I wanted.
This software will help:
Let's say I wanted to pursue the "make money online" niche because I'm persistent, even though many people online say it's fruitless because it's too competitive of a market.  There is a way that will work that nobody is telling us about.  It shows how many true competitors there are for any keyword on google.  I used this in my research and so I designed it into Precision Keyword Finder to automate it.

Doing a search on google for "make money online", there are 223,000,000 results, but this is not the true number of competitors.  Not even close.  The true competition is 99,100 sites.

How can this be so?  Your true competitors are the ones optimizing their sites, not just anybody.  That means there are 222,900,900 sites that are wasting effort and not getting the results they wanted.  I was one of them.  Not anymore!!!

I want to be one of the 99,100.  That is a lot easier to compete against.

But it's even easier if you find a keyword related to this market that has a low number of true competitors, but still gets a lot of traffic.  Keywords that have less than 10,000 true competitors are much easier to get ranked high in google for.
The "make money online" niche has a monthly search volume of 110,000 on google.  What if you could find a market that was 25 times more popular than the "make money online" niche, but with less than 20% as many competitors?  2,740,000 monthly searches, but with only 17,700 true competitors.  Score!!!
Keyword research is just the first step, though.  After finding the right keywords to optimize for, you then have to focus on who is already ranking high for those keywords in google.  The top 10 results will be in your bullseye, because you will now have a chance to beat them so you are on the first page of google for your keyword.
A simple case study...
Precision Keyword Finder Helps You Find Those Golden Keywords To Reach The People Searching For What You Are Selling, Even In Very Competitive Or Saturated Markets
Having money coming in from your websites can give you security.  In order for those websites to have a chance to make money though, they have to be optimized for the keywords that are reachable and are being searched on regularly.
Using this cutting edge keyword finder, you can!

Shows you monthly search amounts on google for your country for any keyword you select, including related keywords.  This data is obtained directly from the google adwords keyword tool.

Shows you the true amount of competitors on google for those keywords.

Shows you the # of advertisers on google for the keyword you select.

If there are a lot of advertisers, then the keyword is most likely profitable.

Shows you the top 10 results on google for the keyword you select.

Shows you the # of backlinks for those 10 sites. 
This data is obtained from the yahoo site explorer.

Shows you the pagerank of those backlink urls.

Shows you the anchor text that those backlinks use to see how many include your keyword.

Allows for proxies so you can search more often.

Precision Keyword Finder was designed to save you a tremendous amount of time so you can spend your time on more important things that interest you.

                      Precision Keyword Finder
I have been under the radar online so you probably haven't heard about me yet.  I'm an Industrial Engineer and am currently working in the SEO field.  This is a challenging area to be in.  I am constantly learning new things about SEO and internet marketing, so if you feel overwhelmed, don't be.  We all are constantly learning as the internet is changing often.  I designed Precision Keyword Finder to help minimize the frustration by giving us laser-focus to pick profitable keywords with precision in order to optimize our websites.
The world is struggling right now through a recession.  All types of investments and stores are being wiped out, but many online stores and websites are thriving.  People are staying home more to save money and doing a lot of shopping from home.

Let's tap into this market of online shoppers and give them what they are searching for.
Other things that can help are on-page SEO techniques such as getting your keyword in the domain name, the title, H1 title, description, url, anchor text, etc
The main way to do this is to get many relevent, high pagerank links with correct anchor text linking to your site.  This is a technique called off-page SEO.  This software will show you the top 10 results in google for any keyword you select, then it will show you the number of backlinks with their pagerank, and the number of backlinks that have your keyword in the anchor text.  With this information, you will know how much effort it will take to get ranked high on google.  You will then need to start getting backlinks to your site with correct anchor text.
To Your Success,
Brandon Bourne
Under The Radar SEO Engineer
Designer of Precision Keyword Finder
We are committed to protecting your privacy.

SEO experts optimize sites quicker and better for the right keywords

Internet marketers choose the right keywords for optimizing their sites

Product marketers know which keywords their customers are searching with and which of those keywords they can rank high for on google

Anyone that wants to make websites to sell products, promote products, or generate revenue from showing ads on their sites

Anyone else trying to get their website on the first page of google and not understanding why they are struggling

My Personal
100% Risk Free Guarantee
To You
Try out my software for 60 days to find hidden niche keywords.  If you choose the right keywords and place them on your site in the optimal places, you should have success!

However, if you are not having success with this software or are not satisfied for any reason, I will refund your hard earned cash at anytime during the first 60 days with no questions asked.

I am confident, though, that it will make it much easier for you to rank higher on google by allowing you to see the keywords of opportunity.

YES, Brandon!  I am frustrated with not having success online and want to get Precision Keyword Finder so I can uncover the hot niche keywords to rank high on google.
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We are committed to protecting your privacy.
Let me take the risk and get yourself Precision Keyword Finder to start dominating your niche online.

I want you to be successful in making money online during this brutal recession.  Time is money and the only way to change your life is to put effort in with tools that work.  You can make it happen with a little effort!
The software will work on Windows 32 bit PC's and is an instant downloadable .exe file.
This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google.
PS.   Fill out your first name and email address below, and I'll reveal the hot market to you so you can get your share of it!

We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Precision Keyword Finder has cutting edge keyword data, giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors.  How much is it worth to you to have a tool to dominate your competitors before they know what hit them?
What if you could discover a market that was 6 times as large as the "make money online" niche, but with less than 1% as many competitors?  673,000 monthly searches, but with only 630 true competitors.  Fill out your first name and email address below, and I'll reveal this market to you so you can get your share of it!

We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Have You Tried Any Of The Outdated Methods Below?
Choosing keywords to optimize based on:
Precision Keyword Finder Beats The Nearest Niche Finder and Samurai, Giving You The Insight To Help You Finally Rank High On Google Without The Confusion And Information Overload And At A Price That Is More Affordable In This Tough Economy.
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